Remonttilinkki was impressed: RockOn dealt with everything… down to a tee

Remonttilinkki, launched in May 2019, is an online service that allows a homeowner or housing co-op to get quotes in just a couple of clicks from different constructors. For constructors this service also offers a user-friendly interface for managing quotation requests. RockOn built the whole system – including a service-based contract – according to a tight schedule, and close cooperation with the customer continues even to this day.


“We needed to make Remonttilinkki clearer and better than competing services. That is why we focused on the interface and usability of the service. We offered the whole online service as an all-in-one package, so the customer didn’t need to worry about anything. We also built it to integrate with Netvisor, so bills are now automatically transferred there, thus avoiding the formerly time-consuming process of billing, and we continue to offer user support and ensure that the service works without any problems”, recounts RockOn’s CEO, Teemu Tapper.


Remonttilinkki CEO, Seppo Jokinen, chose RockOn based on personal recommendations and he too found the professional approach of the IT company truly rocked. “Cooperation was excellent. We might have had a clear vision about the online service, but no understanding of the actual coding, so it was great how the guys at RockOn were able to translate our wishes into the service we really wanted. They did everything to a tee from start to finish.”


Not even the tight schedule put RockOn off. The design work started in December and reached its peak in time for the launch already by the start of March. As Seppo proudly recounts, ‘…the schedule was tight from the off, but we still managed to finish with a full two weeks to spare. We had the service completely up and running in time for the Jyväskylä Building Expo and that made a big difference to our business”.