“They’re definitely focusing on the right thing, and by helping customers in this way it’s clear to see they’re also improving their competitiveness”

Heikki Raumanni, Project Manager, Alupro.

Digital solutions will make you the best in your field

According to a study by Rakennusteollisuus RT, there is a clear link between digitalisation and growth in the construction industry. It has become clear that streamlining the flow of information and processes not only improves the overall customer experience, but is also the key to the future. The aim of digital solutions is to streamline processes and improve communications between the various actors, especially the construction client, the designer and the main contractor. RockOn is helping its customers in the construction industry become the best in their field.

What kind of solutions do we offer?


There are many different kinds of operators in the field of construction and many kinds of products. Presenting various different items, products, and solutions to customers in a way that is clear, and transferring information across different systems from website to dealer’s catalogue is no easy task. Things are made easier when the company has a centralised PIM system.

A more efficient flow of information

We can help you build a new generation of solutions for a traditional industry; to make use of mobile solutions on site, as well as developing sales through, e.g., integrating with e-commerce or ordering systems from subcontractors. Sensible integrations make things clear, saving both time and money when the different systems can ‘talk’ to each other.

A better customer experience

Construction customers are increasingly better informed as buyers, and much of this now happens online. Traditional sales negotiations are giving way to customers conducting their own research on what you have to offer via rich content and an effective online service. Designers, too, are also looking for more convenient design programs or a nifty mobile app to support their work.

Why RockOn?

Award-winning PIM

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