Use digital solutions to become a leader in the energy industry!

The role of the energy industry in a climate-neutral future with ambitious emissions targets is clearly enormous. The industry is also significantly affected by the growing awareness of customers who want more control over their own energy consumption – even to the point of reaching energy self-sufficiency. In this scenario, you can become a leader in the field by developing smart energy solutions, with digital products and services that put the customer in control. RockOn is helping the energy sector be in the vanguard of the green digital revolution!

What kind of solutions do we offer?


Artificial intelligence can be used, for example, to forecast electricity consumption and link data from several different sources, which can be used to then automatically provide customers with services that have previously only been offered to customers with the highest consumption.


Does the combination of global supply chain ordering systems, wholesaler ERP systems, sales tracking and e-commerce leave you dazed and confused? Rational integrations make things clearer, saving both time and money when the different systems can ‘talk’ to each other.


Would you like to offer a better customer experience? Via a mobile service, for instance, customers can monitor their electricity consumption, manage their electricity contract, and even respond to automatic demand responsive offers.

Why choose RockOn?

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