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We offer the following services

Whether it’s product information management, new mobile software development or e-commerce, we rely on agile but sensible operating models that fit in with the customer’s existing operations – not the other way round.

We start with defining and planning the project. In nearly every case, we will then build a prototype of the system we are proposing. This prototype doesn’t cost much and you get to check out in practice whether the system really would benefit you – we make use of the best system development experts in Finland to get straight to the heart of the matter. Our project manager will ensure that everyone is informed and knows exactly what is going on. If at any point we find that something needs to be done differently, we are not afraid to raise the issue without delay.

Planning and Consultation

Whatever the eventual design, the project must have goals to which both supplier and customer are equally committed.

  • PIM concept
  • digital business strategy
  • analysis of the current situation
  • functional and technical specifications for the system
  • system architecture
  • cloud strategy
  • integration strategy

Systems Development

We prefer an agile model for project development, so the customer has something to work with right from the start.

  • PIM
  • master data management
  • mobile apps
  • B2B  online stores
  • B2C online stores
  • systems integration
  • IoT and industrial internet
  • customer-specific systems development

Lifecycle Services

Every customer deserves a partner who can not only maintain but also develop existing service systems.

  • maintenance
  • services for system users
  • continuous development
  • taking over the upkeep of services
  • partnership