“I have worked with RockOn for several years now and right from the start I was impressed with how well they understand our industry-specific needs in terms of PIM. RockOn’s systems have initiated a number of time-saving activities for us, the results of which we see on a daily basis at work”.

Katariina Kasurinen, Product Data Manager, Healthy Food Unit, Raisio Group

Managing systems and improving customer experience means better business.

In the food industry, the consumer is king. For consumers, well-being has become all important – food is preferably domestically produced, easily prepared, and the ethics and ecology of where it comes from matters. Consumption habits are changing and people might even be acting more responsibly, but what is certain is that consumer food trends and habits are in a constant state of flux, depending the availability of raw materials, the global supply chains, and changes brought about by climate change.

As a consequence, people in the food industry are now expected to have more transparent operating models, accurate information on the origins of their food and its ingredients, and provide a range of ways for their customers to obtain food – for instance, by ordering it on their mobile phone and getting it delivered to their doorstep. RockOn helps food industry firms who want to build up an unbeatable competitive advantage with a variety of digital solutions.

What kinds of solution can we offer?

Centralised PIM

When there are a lot of products and their corresponding information needs to be managed across a range of different systems (e.g., Synkka), it’s best to have a centralised PIM system.

Create a better customer experience

We don’t live in a vacuum… Consumers are increasingly aware that they can kick up a fuss if a company cannot, for example, convince them of the transparency of its operations. Where does this food come from, what are the ingredients, how do I know I can trust the producer?

Customers also like to buy from the places that are most convenient, so by investing in a well-designed online service or a suitable mobile solution, you can impress the client by being transparent and convenient at the same time.


Does the combination of global supply chain ordering systems, wholesaler ERP systems, sales tracking and e-commerce leave you dazed and confused? Rational integrations make things clearer, saving both time and money when the different systems can ‘talk’ to each other.

Why RockOn?

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