When product information management needs some Rock’N’Roll


Up-to-date, good quality product information can add considerable value to business operations. An ERP system which doesn’t also remove redundant information won’t encourage anyone to buy, that’s for sure. High quality product information is the same thing for a company as a good amp head is for a bass player – without it you might just about make out the tune, but what you’re playing doesn’t really sound like much.


We have noticed that too many people keep their content and information scattered all over the place, forcing them to carry out the difficult task of putting together meaningful information from different spreadsheets and e-mails when they need to make websites or brochures. When products are accessible via more than one distribution channel, operations need to be streamlined and clear. When information is updated, it needs to be updated everywhere at the same time – for the customer as well as the company. And when it’s to do with important information that directly impacts on company profits, then this needs to happen quickly, easily, and faultlessly.

If the product information is correct it should be making the product sound as good as it really is. We don’t make empty promises, but nor do we give needlessly uninspiring descriptions for products that are excellent. In the same way, a band should sound as good live as they do on record – a good sound, for example, should not be ruined by an excessive use of autotune. When product information management really works, you can be sure that whatever channel the customer is using, sales and marketing information is always up-to-date and the same across the board.


At RockOn we specialise in product information management, and for several years we’ve run implementation programs of the open-source product information management system, Akeneo, for many companies. With Akeneo, we guarantee that it will take a fraction of the time it previously took to create and update your product information. Product visibility will be consistent across different channels such as websites and partner systems. When product information can be managed like this in one place, you save both time and money.

Our rock group has been a part of one of the most significant product information projects in Finland over the last six years and so we know how to add value by providing efficient product information management. If you want to book the best band for sorting out product information management, then we’re the people you need… RockOn!

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