RockOn and Raisio started working together some years ago when our rockers were able to solve a problem for them. Raisio realised they needed a unified way to create, manage, enrich, and distribute product information. It was clear the PIM system they had was not doing everything they wanted, and it was taking too long to get the job done. They needed a new way to improve both the quality and relevance of product information so that it could be easily updated to several websites simultaneously and to Synkka.

Managing product information through automation

RockOn solved these problems by ensuring that correct up-to-date information was available to resellers as well as on other systems. At the same time they were able to partially automate the creation of product information so that it was simultaneously and coherently replicated over many channels at once, creating a clear process for launches and product maintenance. When Raisio began to use RockOn’s Akeneo PIM system, it not only improved the quality and coherence of product information, but also freed up some for other more meaningful work. They no longer had to use various unnecessary spreadsheets, as all the information could now be found in one logical place.

Whatever the product – We can manage it

Our rockers were already grappling with the challenge of product information management that so many companies face years before RockOn ever existed. Raisio is still using the same PIM system today, as it is constantly being updated and developed. We are able to solve PIM challenges in a wide range of fields with very similar solutions.

“I have worked with people from RockOn for several years now and right from the start I was very impressed by how well they understand the business-specific needs we have when it comes to product information management. RockOn and their systems have meant we’ve been able to do things quicker, the benefits of which we see every day in our work.” – Katariina Kasurinen, Product Data Manager, Raisio Group / Healthy Food

P.s award winning end-result: Raisio is the product information champion

Together with Raisio’s hard work and RockOn’s expertise, we have created a process and the tools for an award winning way to handle product information. Raisio was the first winner of “Product Information Champions” awarded by GS1 Finland.

Congratulations Raisio, you rock!