Finazilla gathers a wide range of economic data from different tools and enterprise resource planning systems, such as Netvisor, Procountor, Dynamics, OpenPOS, Wintime, LikeIt and NetBaron. RockOn designed and build an integration channel for them, collecting the data from different systems and transferring it into a form that Finazilla understands. With the help of modern technical solutions, such as Azure, Docer, and REST, and the processes we created together from these, new integrations could now be made more quickly and cost-effectively, so the monthly cost of the new integration channel fell to a fraction of the cost of the solution they had before, plus the system became much faster at retrieving information.

“It’s excellent to be working with a client that are real experts in their field and who understand the value of real partnership!”, enthuses RockOn legend and CEO, Teemu Tapper, about working with Finazilla.


“The cooperation has been fantastic right from the start. When we promise something for our customers, we deliver exactly what they want. And for us to be able to keep our promises, we need to have partners that do the same”, explains Finazilla’s Jari-Pekka Hyyppä. “And with RockOn everything has been excellent, the content they provide is great and according to the timetable. Our work is now much easier and we know things will happen on time. I think we’ll carry on working with RockOn for a long time, because they are the best kind of partner. I recommend RockOn to everyone – except our competitors of course”.

Couldn’t put it better myself. Rock is best!

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