We planned and developed a mobile app for NayaDaya, so that their emotion tool could be used to effectively measure the emotions and experiences for customers, employees, and students. We wanted to make it work via an app rather than an e-mail questionnaire, so that it would be quicker and easier to adapt for use in different contexts and environments.

“It was smooth working together: we were agile, the target timetable was kept to, and the app has been virtually bug free”, Jake Hätinen proudly points out. “Even though we had to have most of our weekly meetings in the evenings, it didn’t seem to be a problem, as our band will rock outside office hours. We envisage the NayaDaya app working without any hitches in the future too, and are continuing to improve it”.


“RockOn immediately got what we really needed and wanted,” reports NayaDaya’s CEO, Timo Järvinen. “Our services are largely based in the Microsoft Azure environment and, altogether we are using many different processes, so we needed real expertise to complement our own technology team. Working together has been very good and I would say that RockOn is like a really solid bass player in our band. The way I see it, RockOn is very much part of our group – not separate – like a part of the family even. In this kind of start-up it is also very important that RockOn can operate in an agile, flexible and scalable way. As well as their hard technology expertise they have an excellent attitude and a positive way of working together with us.”

“The partnership with RockOn is also important because we need to be able to grow, and also to react quickly to changes and challenges in the future”, Timo adds. “It’s great we ran into RockOn because the teams have connected so well and now work together seamlessly. I would definitely recommend this group to others too”.

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