Presenting evergreen Rock Icon Teemu Tapper


But how did RockOn get started? Who is it writing these smash hits? Today we want to introduce you to the evergreen rock icon and founder of the band – Teemu Tapper. We sat down with Teemu and got him to answer some questions for the fans out there…

Who are you?

I am Teemu Tapper, founder and CEO of RockOn. I’ve got more than 20 years behind me in IT, and I’ve been an entrepreneur for, let’s see… 15 years now. RockOn is the fourth company I’ve started or been one of the group to start, so I’ve plenty of experience in entrepreneurship!

What do you do?

As well as taking care of being the CEO, I’m also heavily involved in our projects and sales. I’d like to do more coding too, but unfortunately there’s only so much time I can spend ‘on the road’ with the band. I like to spend free time with my kids, and try to balance home and work life so I can do as much sport as possible. If time allows, I also like playing guitar and watching good films and series.

What gave you the idea to start RockOn?

It was not so much an idea, as the desire to do something I like and am good at, while learning new stuff that will help me do those things better than ever. I wanted to build a company that all of us would feel good working for, and the rock theme fitted with what we wanted to be – not just some typical squeaky-clean IT company devoid of colour, taste, or smell. I also noticed that the best coders in top software firms are actually much closer in personality to rockstars than the traditional image of an IT engineer would have us believe.

What do you bring to the band?

Besides my bad jokes and unconventional taste in humour I probably bring the most solid experience in both entrepreneurship and software development. In my everyday work my strength is that I can be on top of several projects at the same time – as a person I might not always be the most easy to approach, but I’m fair and genuine for sure.

Your favourite band and song?

A completely impossible question to answer! My taste in music varies according to the situation, but the songs and bands I listen to most often probably tend to be from the heavier end of the musical spectrum.

What are RockOn’s values for you?

All for one and one for all – nobody’s left to manage on their own. We also have the freedom to carry something out independently and decide how to go about it without any unnecessary extra bureaucracy. Our responsibility is to do the work so well we can really feel proud of it: rock on!





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