Rock sensation in the house!


What would the greatest band in the world do without a solid rhythm section, making sure that everyone has got the right groove and is playing in time? May we introduce our Queen of the Jungle, the official Crazy Cat Lady, Henna Korkiajärvi who agreed to give us a few minutes of her time to let us interview her.


I am Henna Korkiajärvi, the Crazy Cat Lady who in the middle of nowhere. I am inspired by cats, indoor plants, and motorbikes, and every now and then I play Fortnite and PokemonGo with my 10-year-old son and his mates.


I’m a jack of all trades, a master of none. To put it plainly, I am an IT multitasker, whose job at RockOn mainly includes project management, but I also run all kinds of errands like watering the plants, customer support, coming up with PIM (product information management) definitions and running PIM courses. I am ready to tackle whatever comes my way.

Why did you choose RockOn?

In my previous position in IT security I swore I was never going to be a project manager again, but then this happened! I came across RockOn in the traditional way, I saw an advert for an open position, had a look at their website and immediately liked their attitude, small size, and come-as-you-are vibe. It took me a couple of days and some glasses of wine to write the application, but it was worth it!


When working as a coder earlier I realized it wasn’t really my thing, because I get interested in and excited by too many things at the same time. But that is also my strength too, I’ve been able to get many different kinds of projects off the ground. I’ve also made the office more cozy with indoor plants. I bring a nice amount of female energy and hopefully there’s also a bit more communication.


Miljoonasade, with their song Wounded Knee. I fell in love with that song and the whole album already thirty years ago, and that love has lasted.

What do RockOn’s values (Brotherhood, Freedom, Professional Pride) mean to you?

They mean there’s always a good vibe here and that we are all somehow similar, independent, and skilled people. They also mean we have the freedom to carry out our own and our shared visions without any unnecessary rules and regulations.

What song or lyrics best describes you?

I think it would be this line from the Eagles’ Hotel California that is strangely more relevant than ever in this digital era: “We are all just prisoners here, of our own device”.

Thanks for joining the band, Henna! Count us in and let’s rock!

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