Redfox is a Jyväskylä-based digital language service, offering one of the most extensive Finnish dictionary and translation services and language knowledge with 14 million words and 41 languages. Redfox’s customer base includes export companies, universities, the EU, and state administration – the kinds of places where staff constantly need to translate a wide range of texts as a part of their everyday work. Redfox and RockOn go back a long way, in fact all the way back to when RockOn first started, and they will definitely carry on the same road together long into the future too. Redfox first used RockOn when they needed a reliable and agile partner to look after the development and upkeep of the language service.

“We’ve been a RockOn customer right from the start really, and we’ve always worked well together. We have our own contact person there. It’s good that one person at RockOn knows us really well and is always there to answer us really quickly, and yet at the same time you know the band behind them is providing rock solid support as well”

Timo Vilpponen, CEO, Redfox Languages Oy


RockOn has been responsible for the upkeep and constant development of Redfox’s language service through coding and creating new functionalities such as the dictionary extensions. From the start, developing the translation service and machine translations has been a big ongoing project. RockOn also created an interface for the machine translator, which makes it easier for Redfox’s customers to use together with their systems. The idea for this came from RockOn, and Timo says that one of the best things about working with RockOn is this genuine kind of proactive support and interest in developing Redfox’s business.

“The best thing about working with them has been that they have actually given us new ideas for the service and our business”, Timo notes. “They have a real interest in how we could do things better and this is what we expect in the future too. They’ve even got us new customers!”

“Also the way they constantly check the service on our behalf and tell us what’s happening there is really important”, Timo adds. “It’s great to have this kind of expert as a partner. We know our side of the business, and they are the experts on the technical side. A really great partnership”.


Redfox and RockOn have worked together a long time and the next step is to develop the machine translator improve its maintenance further. “In the future we want to improve the machine translator, especially translations into Finnish”, Timo says, casting light on future plans. “Machine translations into the biggest world languages such as Spanish, English, and German already work quite well and there are several services for it, but our aim is to perfect translations from the world’s biggest languages into Finnish. RockOn is an important part of this and is working with us to improve the quality of service”.

“I recommend them absolutely”, enthuses Timo – clearly inspired by the success of their partnership. “Do get in touch with them if you need their kind of expertise!”

“Perhaps the biggest benefit has been their speed and agility”, notes Timo. “There’s a lot of expertise in the group. Not being too big makes the company really agile, yet at the same time they’re big enough to have a really wide range of expertise […]. It’s really important for us. They get back to you quickly and come up with answers quickly.”