A legend is born



An IT company doesn’t have to be odourlessodorless, colourlesscolorless, and flavourlessflavorless. Let’s get rid of the unnecessary paperwork and bad management, and replace that with attitude, cooperative action, and the freedom that our rockers demand. This is what allows us to write and perform the best songs and make those seminal albums. This is rock ’n’ roll, and we like it.


We work with the best professionals in the field, and with an attitude. In our band you’ll get the support you need, whatever the situation. Even if the audience thinks that they’ve just witnessed the most earth-shattering solo, we know that it only works if the rest of the band are providing the solid support of their expertise and professionalism. By working together like this we write the best tunes. When we feel good, what we do is exactly what we want it to be – the best stuff in Finland.

All our projects hit platinum

At the core of RockOn there’s the idea of a freer work environment, which also leads to a more confident attitude. Our customers don’t have to be
rock stars themselves; indeed our legendary software development skills are well-known across many other genres of industry. So if it sounds like a
good idea to have product information management, digitalisationdigitalization, and system integration delivered by the most experienced group of this genre in Finland, we will play a gig for you anywhere. RockOn, and let’s go platinum together!

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