A rising star joins Rock On!


Gigs are a fundamental part of any band’s success, and that’s why we’re happy to announce that our band has managed to entice a rising star in sales to join the group – Julius Heikkilä! He’ll make sure the gigs keep coming and our calendars are full. It’s good to have Julius on board, so let’s find out more about him…

Who are you?

I am Julius Heikkilä, originally from Seinäjoki and at the start of my sales career. I’ve nearly completed my BA in business and I have now had sales experience in many different fields. Outside work, I spend my time with my friends, at the gym, or cooking some damn fine food.

What do you do?

At RockOn, my job title is ‘sales negotiator’ and I’m the right-hand man for our VP of sales – Matti. My task is to scout out where potential customers might be and find the areas where we might be able to help them. I’m involved with sales right from the load-in to the third encore and the coolest bit of this job is all the people we meet along the way. Doing sales at RockOn is really awesome because I know we are truly offering clients the best solutions that presently exist, and because I trust the skills of the dudes here.

Why did you choose RockOn?

To begin with I was excited by how RockOn look, and then I picked up on this buzz and positive charge which seems to be in everything these guys do. After sharing some thoughts with Teemu and Matti, that was it, I was sold. And each day here just confirms the feeling that I’m in the right place.

What’s the new element you bring to the band, do you think?

Well, I might not be able to develop software or write lines of code, but my courage and a certain commercial edge are my strengths. I also see it as a positive thing that I’m only just starting out as a true professional in this field; all this means I have a certain enthusiasm and can also talk about the products and services in an easier-to-understand way – there’s no danger of me falling into IT jargon when I’m talking with the customer.

Favourite band and song?

That’s always hard to answer, but right now let’s say Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On a Prayer. We’ve stomped to that tune in so many student parties that I still get a good feeling every time I hear it.

What do the RockOn values of ‘brotherhood, freedom, and professional pride’ mean to you?

I do have a huge respect for the skills these guys have, so I try to tell them this at regular intervals. I think brotherhood, freedom, and professional pride is a good way to sum up how RockOn works: everyone is doing their best in their particular field of expertise, so that we can work together successfully with the client.

Which lyrics or song title would describe you best?

When I call customers I sometimes imagine hearing this line from Always Somewhere by the Scorpions, and it makes me laugh…

“I call your number the line ain’t free; I like to tell you come to me”




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