Iconic rock legend to join RockOn


What would the greatest band in the world be without a proper ‘rock legend’? Because our sales only hit platinum and gold at RockOn, we naturally want only the very best to join our band, so welcome to RockOn Jake Hätinen – a top performer who’s really in it for the long haul! We have put together the most popular questions that fans are asking, and put them to Jake to find out what keeps him going on the road.

Who are you?

I am Jake Hätinen and I come from Hyvinkää. I’ve worked with Microsoft and the technology related to it for more than 10 years – both in very challenging projects and big industry. Outside the office I enjoy good food and excellent music.

What do you do at RockOn?

At RockOn, I’m in charge of our operations in Southern Finland, so you’ll find me at our Helsinki office in Kaapelitehdas. We’re aiming to build another hub there, like the one in Jyväskylä. As far as technology goes, I’m a Microsoft person to the core, and know pretty much all there is to know about their cloud service Azure.

Why did you choose RockOn?

I was impressed by their different approach and the way they stood out from the crowd. What’s more, they have an excellent team, the right kind of attitude, and there’s a brilliant atmosphere.

What else have you brought to the band?

On the serious side – my Microsoft and Azure skills, and on the less serious – my dry sense of humor.

Favorite band & song?

My favorite band is Viikate, and I love their song “Yönseutu”.

What do RockOn’s values of liberty, fraternity, and professional pride mean to you?

They mean that I can have the confidence to tell the customers if they’re wrong about something, that I will get help and support when I need it, and that I can take pride in what I do. I look forward to help making RockOn the best place to work in Finland.


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