Top name joins the greatest band in the world


A successful rock band needs a top promoter, so that its musicians can focus on the essential – rock, making dreams come true, and having fun. Welcome to RockOn, Matti Alalauri, our new sales manager. We asked Matti who he is and how he feels about hitting the road with us.

Who are you?

I have been doing sales in IT for more than 10 years and I take a very consultative approach to it: my aim is to provide a solution for the customer ASAP. When a technical solution is required, I get the real gurus to the table. Outside of work my 1 and 4-year-old boys take up my time. To some extent I also like sport and doing things with computers too. I’ve also thought about setting up a vlog about my expertise.

What do you do at RockOn?

I’m responsible for RockOn sales. My most important task is getting the customer into close contact with the experts that can best help them solve their business troubles.

Why did you choose RockOn?

Everyone here is a truly top-notch professional, and I know that if a project were to fail, it’s not for any lack of skills and know-how. It is reassuring to know that when I make the deal, the result will always meet the customer’s requirements if not actually exceed them.

What’s the thing that you bring to the band?

I believe I’m bringing new and different kinds of customers to RockOn, so they’re being able to grow their client base. I’m also trying to bring our experts projects that are truly interesting and challenging for them; not to mention my bad jokes – they’re definitely a case of quantity over quality though.

Your favorite band & song?

There are many, but maybe I’d choose Norther’s cover of Smash by Offspring as that was the song I picked for my part of the graduation ceremony at the American college I attended in Germany..

What do RockOn’s values of liberty, fraternity, and professional pride mean to you?

I think fraternity and professional pride allow me to be working with top professionals; and liberty is a thing I would stick to no matter what – I like to do things the way I see best and trust in my own expertise.


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