What is product information management?

Many businesses struggle with having their content and product information scattered about in different places, and curse the fact that to get it in one place for a website or brochure, they will have to go through each and every spreadsheet and email. When products are being distributed through more than one channel, operations need to be streamlined.

And why is this challenging?

When product information is scattered over many systems (like ERP, CRM, Excel), publishing and updating info requires a lot of otherwise unnecessary work. When changes need to be repeated manually across several platforms such as websites, online stores, and brochures, the likelihood of making mistakes increases and quality may suffer – not to mention all the wasted hours. In our opinion rockers need to be able to focus on what is important – the playing and partying.

Our favorite tune? 

Akeneo. The open source product Akeneo is the best product information management system on the market. It allows all your product information to be managed easily and effectively from one place. But why does product information management need rock stars? Find out from our blog by clicking here!!

When you wanna play with the best

At RockOn you will find, by far and away, the most experienced Akeneo wizards in Finland. Since 2014, we have carried out several extensive implementations of this system. So if you’re considering a new way to manage your product information, we can give you an Akeneo demo, explain how it works, and show you the benefits of having all your product information management in one place. We will also give you a fixed quote for specification and implementation.

One result of this specification stage is that you get a prototype that allows you to see straight away how your product information can be managed with Akeneo. You also receive technical specs for operating the system and get a fixed price for implementing these.

At the implementation stage we tailor Akeneo for you to work either via an AWS-cloud, or within your own server environment. We also build any extensions that are needed for Akeneo to integrate with outside systems, train your system’s administrators or ‘superusers’ and make sure Akeneo is being used effectively in your organization.

If you’re ready to book the best gig ever, we’re your band, and we will fix your your product information management… RockOn!