RockOn was founded on the idea that things can always be done better. We don’t think an IT company needs to be colourless, odourless, and bland to succeed. The world doesn’t need yet another IT company churning out mediocre code just for the money – the world needs rock!

RockOn is above all an attitude – of freedom and doing things together. It is simply about being a good company and a good place to work in. More important than growth figures is making sure we have developed sensible operating models, so that even though the work is done seriously, it can also be a hell of a lot of fun. At RockOn, because we have the reins firmly in our own hands there can be more important things than just the money.

No song is too hard for us, and no dream too big.

Rock On!

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We rock as a part of PunaMusta Media, that helps us grow and provides us with a valuable network of top professionals and support. The vision of PunaMusta Media is to provide customers with amazing, holistic solutions for marketing needs, ensuring the best customer experience. More about PunaMusta Media:

What do we rely on?

At the heart of RockOn is the idea that a good working environment is a free one – making it easier for everyone to have the right kind of attitude. And if the right attitude is there, then unnecessary bureaucracy and insecure leadership can simply be dumped – our rockers are willing to do things together while respecting each other’s freedom. Work is done with a justifiable sense of pride – we either do it properly, or not at all – no half measures. We cherish the camaraderie too, so no one feels left out in our band. Even if one of us plays an eye-popping solo for the client, we know that it needs the support of the whole band and a rock solid backing.


Pride in your job


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What is RockOn?

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