Join the world’s hardest rocking band!

Do you remember what used to set you on fire at work? At RockOn we cherish that spark and sense of camaraderie that allows you to be yourself. With us, you get to do what you do best. For us, RockingOn means doing things together – keeping the bar high while still having fun.

We don’t think an IT company needs to be colourless, odourless, and bland. With RockOn, you get to work with friends that treat each other decently. By shaking off the shackles of bureaucracy and keeping the free spirit of rock alive, we know we can grow into the best IT business in Finland. Let there be rock!

No time wasters, #rockstarsonly

What kind of people are we looking for?

Front and back end developers

You are a skilled front or back end developer and know modern front and back end technologies like the back of your hand. You dig all the classics: Java, .NET, React, Angular2, AWS, Azure and Docker. Web interface implementation and services rule. You work seamlessly with the rest of the band and want to learn something new every day.

Software and Cloud architects

You’re a software or cloud architect who has toured some of the biggest stages. You know all the riffs: Java, .NET, AWS, Azure and Docker. Your skills are in a class of their own but you want to develop them further and be a bigger star. Your insights, focus on the band and iron problem-solving ability will convince us.

Mobile developers or architects

You are a multi-talented coder and software developer – in your hands, mobile apps for iOS and Android turn into big hits. The mobile tech instruments you work with include Flutter, Xamarin and React Native. You are a quick and proactive member of the band who understands the common good.

Full stack developers

You are a virtuoso in web development, and when it comes to the latest back and front end technologies, you wear your knowledge lightly – .NET, Java, React, AWS, Angular2, Azure and Docker are all at the top of your playlist. Project work is a standard in your set, and you are keen for both your own and the band’s expertise to be known as the very best in Finland.

Future rock stars?

Do you want to learn from other rock stars and become one yourself, that’s if you’re not one already? Your years of study are complete and you dig all the classics – Java, .NET, React, and Angular2. When you audition with us, we’ll give you the demo of a song, and if you can finish the composition by arranging and playing it right through to the end, then our conversation is clearly just beginning.

Do you or anyone else you know fit the bill?

Do you know other players who might fit the bill? Or perhaps the other bands you’ve tried out with just haven’t inspired you in the way you were hoping? Everything is possible with us – convince us with your open application.

Gig bonuses to suit all tastes

Career Managers

A dedicated career manager will further the interests of their players, pushing their careers forward and getting them to think big.

Gig fees

All our players have decent rewards. The bigger the gig, the thicker the wad.

As part of the band…

…every rocker gets their own personally engraved Oura smart ring, because real stars need to stay in shape.

Hotel breakfasts

Once a month, the whole band is treated to a five-star breakfast.

On the Road

We don’t do things by halves. Once this COVID thing eases up, our rockers will be on the road again. When we travel to rock, we rock, and when we travel to have fun and relax together, we do just that – the world is our oyster.

10% on own projects

It’s easier to keep that energy and drive alive when you get to experiment with new gear and ideas – 10% of your work time is spent on your own projects and forging new skills.

Tattoo bonus

If you get a tattoo of RockOn’s logo you’ll get a salary bonus.

Wanna hear more?

No song is too hard for us, no dream is too big.