Join the greatest band in the world

Do you still remember the passion that first got you into the work that you do? The group spirit at RockOn will support you in that and allow you to really be yourself. At our company you can do what you’re the best at. RockOn means doing things together – holding the bar high, yet at the same time having fun.

Our way of doing things does away with bureaucracy and embraces instead the freedom and passion of rock ’n’ roll, because we’re going to grow into the best IT house in Finland. Let there be rock!

No time wasters, #rockstarsonly


Frontend and backend developers

You’re a highly skilled frontend and/or backend developer and you know your modern frontend from backend technologies like the back of your own hands. The classics that you dig are Java, .NET, React, Angular2, AWS, Azure and Docker. Building web interfaces and services is child’s play for you. You can work seamlessly together with the rest of the band and are open to learning something new every day.

Software and cloud architects

You’re a software and/or cloud architect who’s featured on all the biggest stages already. You already know the score for Java, .NET, AWS, Azure and Docker. Your skills are equal to none and yet you are still ready for even greater stardom. You can convince us with your vision, band spirit, and your wrought-iron ability to solve problems.

Full stack developer

You’re a web developer virtuoso. You mould modern backend and frontend technologies to your will easily; .NET, Java, React, Angular2, Azure and Docker are at the top of your playlist; project work makes up your basic set list, and you want to take both your own career and your band’s to the very top in Finland.

Mobile developer

You’re a jack of all trades when it comes to the sheer range of code and software development tools you know. In your capable hands, iOS  and Android mobile apps can become top 10 hits. The instruments you use for your mobile projects are, for example, React Native, Java, Ionic/Cordova, HTML5, Node, and Angular. You have all the moves and are able to take the initiative, but you’re also a loyal band member who understands the value of working for the common good.

Recommend yourself or a friend

Are there any rockstars you know that would suit our crew? Or maybe you have state-of-the-art knowledge in a specific field, but the positions available at the moment don’t quite fit the bill? Well, at RockOn anything is possible, so go ahead and impress Teemu with your application.


Jake Hätinen
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Your own manager will see to it that your interests are met, push you forward in your career, and will keep your dreams big.

Gig fees

All band members get duly compensated. The tougher the gig, the fatter your wallet.

Shiny teeth!

Whether you’re into electric or acoustic toothbrushes, with full dental care, all our rockers are guaranteed shiny teeth – like diamonds in a magpie’s beak.

Band logo

All our rockers get a personalised smart ring engraved with our logo. That’s because only the real stars fit the bill.

Hotel breakfasts

Once a month the whole band has a five-star breakfast together.


We don’t do any halfway house teleworking trips abroad – those are for sissies. When we go on tour, it’s for 100% meditation on golden sandy beaches.

Your own projects

You’re not going to accidentally drop your sticks and suddenly lose your drive with us, when 10% of your work time will be devoted to your own projects and rehearsing new skills.


You can have a tattoo on the house for free… if you have our RockOn logo etched into your skin, we promise you a hefty pay rise!

The Band

No song is too difficult for us, no dream too big. Although we all work hard we make sure we have a


whether that’s backstage, on the stage, or in the studio.